Soursop Ice Cream Recipe

vegan nice cream with soursop

This is my favorite Alkaline vegan ice cream since I discovered it. I usually top if off with coconut flakes and walnuts. Yummy! ūüôā I first made this recipe for my kids. You’d imagine how much they loved this. This is a great replacement for milk and additive laden conventional ice cream. Make these for […]

What are Burro Bananas? 101 Facts You Need to Know

Burro bananas vs regular bananas

You probably may have heard about Burro bananas and how special they are for health. You may also have gotten confused about how they really look like, how to identify them or even where to buy them. In this post, I’ll talk about: What burro bananas are How to identify burro bananas What burro bananas […]

Who is an Alkaline Vegan?

Vegan vs Vegetarian vs Alkaline

While it’s often common to use the words veganism and vegetarianism interchangeably, they don’t mean the same thing. And if we narrow it down further, a Vegan is different from an Alkaline Vegan. An Alkaline vegan lifestyle inspired by Dr. Sebi is different from both Veganism and Vegetarianism. So, who is an Alkaline Vegan? Is […]

How to Make Sea moss Gel – Two Ways!

how to make sea moss gel

If you have ever used sea moss, you have probably noticed some side effects. Sea moss can have a range of side effects so they are worth learning about so that you can understand how your body reacts to it. I’ve experienced quite a handful of these effects that made me go the extra mile […]

How to Juice a Key Lime in 3 Easy Steps

how to make key lime juice

Key limes are often hard and rocky, which makes juicing them a whole lot of work. Oftentimes, many people complain how hard it is to get juice out of key limes but you can easily juice a key lime using different methods. In this article, we will look at three easy ways to juice a […]

What is Sea Moss Good For?

Health Benefits of sea moss gel

Over the last few years, sea moss has gotten quite popular and it is not just hype! A growing number of individuals are coming to realize just how beneficial Sea Moss is to health, wellness and lifestyle. Well, in case you’re confused, chances are you already know of Sea Moss with another name, or it […]

Eat this to Lower High Blood Pressure immediately

How to naturally lower high blood pressure

What foods should you be eating if you have high blood pressure? Or rather, what do you need to eat to immediately lower your blood pressure? Well, if you have high blood pressure and your readings don’t seem to improve despite medications and other natural remedies you undertake, there could just be one single thing […]

Can Sea moss make you sick? 14 Side Effects of Sea Moss to Watch Out for

can sea moss make you poop?

If you have ever used sea moss, you have probably noticed some side effects. Although, this may sound a bit surprising to many of us, but a lot of people experience adverse side effects with many types of sea food, including sea moss. However, for those of us who consume sea moss regularly, we may […]