Soursop Ice Cream Recipe

vegan nice cream with soursop

This is my favorite Alkaline vegan ice cream since I discovered it. I usually top if off with coconut flakes and walnuts. Yummy! ūüôā I first made this recipe for my kids. You’d imagine how much they loved this. This is a great replacement for milk and additive laden conventional ice cream. Make these for […]

Alkaline Vegan Soursop ‘Mock Fish’ Recipe

dr. sebi alkaline vegan King-fish Jamaican recipe

I got message from one of you asking me to make a Soursop mock fish recipe. At first, I felt puzzled at the possibility of making “fish’ out of soursop. In case you’re wondering too, soursop tastes just like fish when cooked. And by soursop, I mean unripe soursop. But then, I am happy I […]

Alkaline Soursop Juice – Two Ways with Key Lime and Sea Moss

how to make soursop juice recipe with key lime or sea moss

‚ÄĆSo, I thought about how nice it’ll be to make juice out of soursop, and after a while, I said to myself, why not? I came up with this recipe because I so so love juicing. And I’d always got disappointed about always having to deal with bits of soursop pulp fiber that oftentimes get […]

How to Make Sea Moss Gel

how to make sea moss gel

Sea moss has been used as food and as medicine for hundreds, possibly thousands of years. You will get an idea of just how healthy this plant is when you realize that it contains 92 out of 102 minerals the body needs.

How to Make Elderberry Syrup

Benefits of Elderberry

The elder tree, Sambucus nigra, is where elderberries come from. Almost every part of this plant has medicinal or culinary value.